Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Few Good Men

     My sweet friend Carrie recently asked if there were any good men these days.  I would have to say I am truly blessed to have at least three good men in my life.  Those are my husband, son and brother.  Today is the birthday of the latter two.

     My brother Norman has a saying that you just have to play with the cards life deals you.  I would have to say that both he and my son Michael have played their cards out well.
     Norman has found himself in the position of patriarch on both sides of his family.  A man of great grace and dignity, he is true to his family, friends, and community.  His values are old school and steadfast. A man of impeccable integrity, he is very well respected in his community.  He remains simple and unassuming in his lifestyle.

     Michael, I am proud to say, like his Uncle Norman is a good man.  He has overcome insurmountable obstacles to obtain his life long goal of becoming a physician.  Caring for people always seemed to be second nature to Michael.  As a very small child, he loved and wanted to take care of his mom and baby sister. I remember him making a cup of coffee and serving it to me in bed soon after his sister's arrival home from the hospital.  Don't worry Mom; I'll take care of you!  The coffee was instant, made in cold water but it was the best coffee ever served to me.  It was made by those chubby little hands with such simple love and genuine compassion. 

     He is an example and encouragement to those who are told, you can't!  There were so many times he was discouraged because he was told his background and such was not conducive to his success as a physician.  He has proved them wrong.  He and his family have sacrificed much and are finally beginning to enjoy some fruits of their labor.  I am so proud of my "Dr. Son" who is a good man!

    Yes, Carrie, there are a few good men left in the world.  I am truly blessed and honored to have a trio in my life.

    Happy Birthday Michael and Norman!  I know you both will always live long, well and honorably.

A good man obtains favor from the LORD, but a man of evil devices He condemns. Proverbs  12:2
English Standard Verson

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yg.harris said...

ok!! that's it dear!! if u r going to make me cry, i can't continue 2 follow this. i love u!! and i love ur blog!!