Saturday, March 27, 2010

Little Anglers

     Yesterday a few neighborhood children were fishing in the creek that runs through our property. There is just something endearing about little anglers intent on catching "a big one."  This little guy was a bit frustrated. He pointed out a particular fish he wanted to catch. He chased this one fish down the creek, but it kept getting away. "I can see him but he won't bite."

When they were much younger, our oldest grand daughters were totally excited about entering a fishing rodeo.  Of course matching pink boots, poles and rain gear were an absolute necessity.  After all, a girl has to always look her best, right?  Megan is the smaller determined looking one. She is obviously ready for her Moby Dick to be reeled in. Her older sister, Haley seems lighter hearted about the event and maybe a bit more concerned about sitting on the dirty bank.
       My daughter, Misty loved to fish when she was a small.  She had her favorite little red dress with pockets for her "gear" and her personal midget sized lawn chair. I still hold the picture in my mind of her proudly displaying her very first big fish.  Actually it was more of a minnow, but relatively speaking, it was her big fish and she couldn't be more proud.  Of course she did take issue with the fact the fish "kilt" her worm.  The folks let us fish at their place and charged by the pound.  Needless to say, they made little money from us, but we gained much.

     Important lessons can be learned on a fishing bank.  Traits are formed, like patience, determination, independence, sharing and good old fashioned family values.  The innocence of little bare feet, overalls, pig tails and giggles pass quickly. Creek side values birthed into little boys and girls have the makings of good men and women.
     "Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men. " Matt 4:19

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