Saturday, March 20, 2010


     When my sister was visiting from San Diego, she pointed out what she believed to be the city of Jonesboro's skyline. It indeed looks to an outsider like it could be exactly that.  It is in fact, the giant Riceland Foods headquarters.

     The walls of my home bear many prints from the city of Memphis where I lived most of my life. Fond memories of days spent with the children when they were small on Mud Island.  Many times we picnicked and played in the wading pool shaped like the Mississippi River while waiting for the annual Fourth of July fireworks display.  I remember strolling it's then downtown Main Street with my Dad on shopping trips. Those were very special times with just the two of us. I did not know just how few days I would have with my Father on this earth and I hold them dear to my heart.
      I find the night skyline particularly breathtaking.  The city looks so beautiful warm and inviting. Behind the glow of the lights lies the harsh reality of violent crime, prejudice, poverty and corruption.

     The team of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin seemed to have it all.  However, Mr. Lewis described the relationship:  "Hey mister that's a great looking pair of shoes. But, no one knows they hurt."  All the wealth, notoriety, success and levity, could not soothe the wounded soul of Mr. Lewis.
     Families and individuals also have their own personal skylines.  On the outside things may look picture perfect but often times much pain lies beneath.  There are many broken relationships that stubbornly refuse to be mended, passing bitterness rather than peace onto the next generation. Some of us have physical afflictions that plague our bodies and spirits without warning.
Thankfully, One is always as He appears.

"Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever."
Hebrews 13:8

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